Cerebral Palsy

Disease conditions that can be devastating are those that are under the groups of neurological disorders. And one of these diseases is cerebral palsy.

This is a condition that is seen as early as when a person is just a few months old to the time when he is a few years old. The body movements of children who have cerebral palsy are uncoordinated. This manifestation is bound to increase or worsen after some time.

A misconception about this is that the uncoordinated muscle movements are not related to problems with your nerves or your muscles. Rather, there are problems in the brain. There are certain parts of the brain which has a main function of controlling movement. So when there is a problem with this part, the body’s movements become haywire and are no longer within what can be considered normal.

In order to see if a child has cerebral palsy or not, the movements during playtime are observed. There should be smooth movements. Some children may still have a problem with coordination. The normal problems are those involved in handling and doing smooth motor movements. But, when there are extremes in the awkward movements, an abnormality is considered. Even if this is the only sign that you see, you should consider getting the advice of a specialist.

Aside from the actions, the child’s reflexes can be exaggerated. This is due to the stiffening of the muscles. There may be abnormalities or changes in the gait or the way the child walks. Either the movements looked to stiff or too relaxed. Those are signs that the muscle tone is already affected.

The possible causes of these conditions are several. One of the most common can be those that have resulted from physical injury to the brain of a child. This is due to cerebral infections caused by bacterial and viral agents.

Even injuries due to accidents or falls during the early years of the child can lead to damage to the brain and cause consequent effects that will further result to palsy.

The treatments are simply focused on increasing comfort, preventing further damage and malfunction, and develop skills to be able to be ass functional as possible. It can be very difficult to make a person who has this disease to do things on his or her own. However, there are cases which are not too serious and their conditions can be managed.

In preparation for an adult life of maturity and responsibility, a child with this condition should continue to grow and develop to be able to live life as normal as possible. It might be a condition that cannot be cured but, there are a lot of things that parents or caregivers can do to help people with cerebral palsy.